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Getting Started

Getting Started

This section of our site has been created to help anyone have a professional website regardless of how much they know about websites and for those on a small budget. Please read this page completely and follow each step to be on your way to an incredible site!

There are 5 easy steps to get your website on the Internet.

Step 1: Domain Search
Step 2: Domain Registration (We provide this service for free at all thelo packets!)
Step 3: Website Hosting
Step 4: Website Design
Step 5: Website Upload to the server (using the control panel)
and your Website ready and running at (www.yoursite.com)

Domain Search and Registration: You will need a Domain Name (www.yoursite.com) to give out as your web address. We provide this service for free with all Premium packets!!

What is a Domain Name? Domain names allow Internet users to type in a name, such as www.yoursite.com, to identify a numeric address such as The purpose of domain names is to allow ordinary users connected to the Internet to find Web sites and send email to addresses with familiar names such as “www.yoursite.com” without having to memorize the numerical addresses that actually locate the server that your site is on.
see also FAQ

Website Hosting: Once you have your domain name secured and your site nearly completed, it is a good time to choose which web hosting plan is right for you (see Thelo100 Thelo200 etc). Web Hosting is basically space on a server that is dedicated for your use. You upload your site into your server space. The server is connected to the Internet 24hours per day 365days a year so that your website is accessible at all times. We offer the following hosting plans: Premium 100, Premium 200, Premium 300, Premium 500 and Dedicated servers. 

Website Design: Design your site.

Website Upload to the server: see the control panel