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Why us

Why us

You want to host your website on powerful servers ?
Then Thelo Network is the host you’ve been looking for.
All our servers have more power than what it’s actually needed, plus, our bandwidth is of the best quality you can find.
Most web hosts can’t match our level of redundancy, bandwidth availability and server power! Plus, Thelo Network is the right balance between pricing and quality.
We are not too cheap which equals low quality service. Check out our prices and compare us feature by feature to the competition. You’ll see that Thelo Network is the right choice!

Why choose Thelo Network? 
We do everything in our power to be different, to be better and to give full customer satisfaction with fast servers, fast connectivity, features and effective customer service.

Here are some of the reasons why Thelo Network is your best choice:

We guarantee that our servers will never be overloaded or overcrowded.

Fast customer service. 
Any problem you submit is solved fast, not in 24-72 hours.

Our network connectivity is second to none.
Thelo Network is dedicated to a philosophy of private data delivery. This allows us to provide congestion-free routing to over 90% of the global Internet. When you host with Thelo Network, not only do you receive superior performance while working on your site, you can also rest assured that all of your visitors are seeing the same great performance.

Our accounts include e-mail services and a full development environment at no extra charge.
Although our accounts are intended for use primarily with Web development, we also include e-mail services (mailboxes, forwarding, and auto responders), outbound FTP services, nightly logs and statistics, and more. The accounts may use our full development environment, which includes Perl 5, PHP, Python 1.5.1, gcc, and much more.

We offer custom CGI and SSI support.
Our accounts allows the use of custom CGI and full SSI (Server Side Includes), subject only to policy restrictions. The accounts allows the use of our System CGI as well as most SSI functions.

Credit cards are welcome – Via Pay Pal.
Unlike many smaller providers, we accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express), and we accept payment by check, money order, or wire transfer. One of our more calcified competitors recently decided to stop accepting check payments, with very little warning to their customers! We will never do this to our customers.

Our systems are monitored and tweaked 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
Our first priority is the maintenance of our web servers and network. All systems are automatically self-monitoring as well as externally monitored, and technicians are always available to correct any problem at any time. Our server and network uptime is well in excess of 99%.

International customers are welcome.
We support domain hosting under all country codes.

We offer hosting accounts in blocks of:
100 ,200, 300 and 500MB, and dedicated servers

In our pack accounts, you can change the domain you host with us, any time, by your own, using your on line control panel.

Thelo Network has the best value between pricing and quality.
Free one month trial !!! With NO obligation!!!

Check our hosting plans and you will find something right for you!


Domain Registration

Free one month trial !!! (if you like it buy it)
Free primary and secondary DNS! (www.your-site.com & your-site.com)
Free “Under Construction” page!
Free Domain Forwarding!
One Domain Name: Your www.your-site.com or .net or .org 
domain name for only 100 € and 1000MB at our Premium100 Hosting pack
We only require a single year of domain registration… most others require two or more years!
No Hidden Fees. Again, it’s true…
You Own It! Registering your domain name with Thelo Network is safe and secure… you own the domain… it’s yours.
You Have Total Control Over It! Choose the domain name, and use our easy control panel online forms, you can edit your domain record, assign and change Name Servers and do just about anything you want with your domain name

All web hosting plans include the following features:

One Domain Name registration (www.your-site .com or .net or .org or .gr)
Automatically on line setup!
Free domain name parking!
Primary and secondary DNS! (www.your-site.com & your-site.com)
Free technical support!
Free preinstalled system cgi scripts!
Unlimited hits/visitors (transfer limits apply)!
Web based control panel for email accounts!
Read email through the web or any mail client!
Automatic email responders!
Unlimited email forwarding to any specified email address!
CGI capable accounts with Perl 6 scripting support!
Access to raw server log files!
High performance Windows servers!
Friendly, helpful 24hours for 7days customer service!
99% Uptime Guarantee!